Mattermost app over WAF

Does anybody know if there are special network settings required when using mattermost app over a WAF?
The same setup works without any issue over the browser and as windows app

I always get the error “cannot connect to the server” even when I use the same url

Would you be able to take a look at our troubleshooting guide:

I checked the URL via ssllab and the Cert chain is correct und complete.
In addition, I don’t understand why the URL is working without any issue over browser and windows app.
In both path the WAF is already involved. What does the Mobile app makes differently compared to the other. Any special http header which has to by bapassed?

The only special thing we have is an dash in the url ( Does this troble the mobile app?

I’m sorry @axgwa but this is not supported on the mobile app, the browser and the windows app (which is a shim) can access the WAF web page and then the user can introduced their credentials, the mobile app is expecting to reach the MM server ping endpoint to detect that the server is reachable and there is no way to include the credentials needed by a WAF, you should look for alternatives to not require a WAF for the mobile app.


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Thanks for the Answer. Is it possible get more information about the “MM server ping endpoint”.
How this works and possiblly to simulate on the WAF. Are there plans to support in future version or is it supported in a licensed version?

Thanks in advanced Günther