Mattermost Client 500 Error After Unexpected Server Shutdown

Hey everyone–

Out IT guy is out of the country with personal issues, and I’ve run into a problem when a UPS failure brought all of our servers down unexpectedly on a power outage this AM.

I have essentially no documentation on our system setup, so I’m flying in the dark on trying to get this back up and running.

Our clients show the “cloud” icons and when I attempt to use the web client, I get a “500 Internal Server Error”

The local IP seems fine-- pinging me back–, but I can’t RDP into that server, and I don’t really have much else to go on. Any ideas on where I can go from here in trying to figure this out and get it back up and running without waiting a week or two for the Admin to return?

Hi @KEBergstrom,

Thanks for reaching out. Can you review this web page and send us any relevant information you can, e.g. Console and Mattermost log errors, config settings and any environment details?

Thanks Amy, unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information that our It manager left me. It should be installed on Windows Server 2008, but other than the IP address in our client setup, I don’t have any details on the server or access to the server utilities.

this issue occurs on all clients both inside and outside our domain and the web client.

Without server access, I don’t have any logs.

Hi @KEBergstrom,

I checked with our team about this and it looks like we cannot do much from our end without any access to the server logs. We’d need to check the process status, server status, logs, etc.

Even if we could diagnose something, a developer / IT would be needed to fix the issue.

I apologize for the inconvenience :frowning: