Mattermost in Docker = blank page in Safari

I have running Mattermost with Docker and everything is working fine in Firefox, but Safari gives me a blank page.

Anyone an idea?

Are you running the :dev docker image? If so we had a problem with safari on master. It should be fixed now. Update the docker image and it should work.

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This is what i have in my yml file:

image: mattermost/platform
- 80:80
restart: always

Same issue here and when I run
docker run --name mattermost-dev -d --publish 8065:80 mattermost/platform:dev
I receive
Tag dev not found in repository mattermost/platform
could someone give me probably a hint what I am doing wrong here?


Try to use secure browser in safari for not having this type of issues. You might think that safari can’t establish a secure connection but in 2020 it is fixed. You need to follow some steps to fix this issue if you ever had faced it. Whenever you get any issue regarding web browser you can contact to us or visit this site for better guide. Safari is the most secured platform that is why sometimes it get an error but keep using it.

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To those who are still running into the same issue, please share the screen shot of what you are seeing in the browser & logs, together with the documentation you referred to when deploying Mattermost Docker. Thanks!