Running dev version with Docker-compose

I am running docker-compose and was able to run Mattermost on my system. But my version does not work in Safari. So i filed an issue and the def. answer is:

Hi @Yzord, this issue should be fixed on master, you should be able to see the fix if you use mattermost/platform:dev.

But when i edit my docker-compose.yml file with

image: mattermost/platform:dev
- 80:80
restart: always

I get the following error

Recreating 2d47ed9b3fbe_mattermost_mattermost_1
Pulling mattermost (mattermost/platform-dev:latest)…
Pulling repository
ERROR: Error: image mattermost/platform-dev not found

How can i run the latest dev version with docker-compose?

Hi Yzord,

We deleted the :dev tag because some people where confusing it with :latest and complaining about issues in master. You can get the latest master build here: