Mattermost login options

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One little question. We use Gitlab for authenticating our users. Is it possible to hide for instance from a non management ip, the login form for authenticating with Mattermost system users?. I say because it usually just makes people to end up confused about where should they enter their credentials…

They usually try them at the default form (which we just use for admin account) and they get totally confused because they don’t realize that they should use the Gitlab button…

Has anyone ever suffered about this?. Or does someone ever removed that default form in order to avoid people being confused?.

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I have seen in the source code…

                    B(this, "createLoginOptions", () => {
                        const e = [],
                            t = this.state.ldapEnabled,
                            a = this.props.enableSignUpWithGitLab,
                            s = this.props.enableSignUpWithGoogle,
                            i = this.props.enableSignUpWithOffice365,
                            n = this.state.samlEnabled,
                            r = this.state.usernameSigninEnabled,
                            o = this.state.emailSigninEnabled;
                        if (o || r || t) {
                            let t = "";
                            this.state.serverError && (t = " has-error"),

So if you disable ldapEnabled and usernameSigninEnabled and emailSigninEnabled now I get what I need. But, how could I now login as Admin?.


I mean, how to later arrive to https://xxxxx/admin_console?


And by they I have seen, the API does not use Gitlab as auth method… am I correct?