Mattermost Push Notification

I am new in Mattermost I am doing a mobile app using Mattermost API
Everything is fine , only issue is my Pushnotificaion is not working
I set up the push proxy server and test using the terminal with curl command

I am getting a response [“Status”:“Remove”]

is this is the success comment for the Push notification? if not what is my mistake ?

Munavvar Fairoos

What Mattermost mobile app version are you using? What are your push notification settings set to?

thanks a lot for your replay

I fixed that . it was issue with push proxy settings in the config.json file

hi, how did u fix it?

Hi, @cooperchen

I would guess that @munavvar313was fixed it by checking on the PushNotificationServer itself:

ahmaddanial@mattermost:~$ cat /opt/mattermost/config/config.json | grep "Push"
        "SendPushNotifications": true,
        "PushNotificationServer": "",
        "PushNotificationContents": "full",

Are you also getting the same [“Status”:“Remove”] as well? Can you share how your Push Notification Server set up is like? Did you refer to the Install the Mattermost Push Notification Service guide?