MatterMost service failed after upgrading version to 5.35.5

I have upgraded the Mattermost version from 5.34.5 to 5.35.5. Now when I start the Mattermost service it fails.

Below Is the error message I received on the server,

Job for mattermost.service failed because a timeout was exceeded. See “systemctl status mattermost.service” and “journalctl -xe” for details.

I have Ubuntu OS with version 18 and a Mysql database with version 5.7 on the Mattermost server.

In the below attachment, I have uploaded the error with the Mattermost log file.

You are running a several years old, out of support Mattermost version with an out of support database version. Please use the latest supported Mattermost release. And then we can look into the problem.