Mattermost upgrade

Hi everybody,
I just updated Mattermost to 1.1.1 and I would like to share some thoughts about it.

First, I understood about the new version of Mattermost reading the last GitLab Newsletter. I tried to look around here and Mattermost site and Mattermost Users ML and no news about it. In the Download section there is still 1.1.0.
Second, I made an upgrade procedure by myself. I’ve installed using this as reference but it might be improved or you can make an Official Update Procedure. There are cool things, like the database auto-upgrade that really simplify everyone’s life but some documentation about it will be useful (and I can contribute on this).
Third, Changelog for 1.1.1 do not show an entry about 1.1.1
Fourth, if I click “About Mattermost” it still shows me version 1.1.0 even if hash and date is from 1.1.1

Beside that, thanks for it, it’s so nice see the project growing, high five

Thanks @cifvts, for the feedback!

1) Just created a forum thread for Mattermost v1.1.

We need to get better at marketing and timing around the time of release. Sorry about the delay.

2) We’ve started an upgrade guide

First entry is for v0.7 to v1.1.1. Would love help on this, it was just a start.

We’ve also added detailed notes to the Changelog on config.json and database changes across versions and we’ll continue adding those in future releases.

3) Changelog has been updated with v1.1.1 release notes. If you’re upgrading from Mattermost v0.7 this is the release to use.

We are going back and forth internally on whether we should have v1.1.1 as the official build the community should use or stay with v1.1.0.

While the bug fix in this release (removing 32-char limit for salts and enabling upgrade from v0.7 to v1.1.1 without having to upgrade to v1.0) is relatively safe, not all our bug fix/security fix releases may be as stable, and we’re wondering what convention to use.

4) It looks like there was a bug with v1.1.1 version number in “About Mattermost” dialog reading v1.1.0 still, we need to add a Known Issue in the release not and changelog for that.