Mattermost v0.7.0 Release Candidate now available for testing

The latest Mattermost v0.7.0 release candidate is now available for testing at

Thanks to external contributors

Many thanks to our external contributors for this release:

Here’s a summary of key changes:

GitLab SSO support

GitLab SSO now offered for team creation, account creation and account sign-in. New team creation setup instructions here:

Ability to restrict team creation to emails from specific domains

In addition to limiting team creation to users with GitLab SSO, team creation and user account creation can also be limited to users using verified email addresses from specific domains, using a comma separated list in the RestrictCreationToDomains in config.json.

This functionality will move to the admin console.

Smoother messaging on high latency connections

Like What’s App and consumer messaging clients, Mattermost now offers a smoother messaging experience by optimistically posts messages into channels, rather than waiting for round-trip confirmations from the server.

When messages fail to post, messages change their appearance and offer a “Retry” option.

Import from Slack

Mattermost users can now import user messages and account data exported from Slack and pick up where they left off.

Note: This feature is in “Preview” mode and does not yet support bot messages in Slack, nor corner cases around conflicts with Slack usernames and email addresses colliding with pre-existing accounts in a Mattermost site.

New Style Guides for Go, React and Javascript

Per community request, we’ve added style guides for Go, React and Javascript to increase consistency across the system.

Drag and Drop file upload

Makes it easier than ever to share files with your team.

Changes to config/config.json

New properties have been added to the config file, and it’s recommended to either copy and paste over the new file, or to update the following:

"TeamSettings": { 
   "DisableTeamCreation": false, 
   "RestrictCreationToDomains": "" 

"ServiceSettings": { 
   "AllowEmailSignUp": true 

"SSOSettings": { 
   "gitlab": {
      "Scope": "",

Click here to share feedback on config settings and their descriptions, which will be used to create the new Mattermost Admin Console.

How do I see which version I’m running? I’ve followed the instructions here ( ) but there are things that seems inconsistent.
First, seems that config/config.json has no impact in the configuration but only /config_docker.json has.
Also, first you say that AllowEmailSignUp is deprecated and replaced and later you say to change config/config.json with it, that’s a bit confusing. The fact that these new changes has to be manually set even if the docker image is brand new is also confusing since no upgrade seems possible so far.
I’ve also tried GitLab SSO login but it’s not working, I had to create first my user using email, then give me the link for GitLab (while keeping email sign in even if I told it not to) and it says “We couldn’t find the existing account”.

GitLab SSO seems to work for the other guys, they told me so, but don’t work for me. I’ve created the team using Sign up. if I try now to create another team I don’t see the GitLab option, only Email Sign up.

Thanks @cifvts, it was our error on the AllowEmailSignUp setting–we mistakenly thought it affected v0.6.0 users, but it did not–it was only impacting users who took a development build off of master. Sorry about that, I’ve updated the post above–thanks for helping us find it!

Regarding GitLab, if you’re using the latest GitLab 7.14 omnibus with Mattermost pre-installed there were some configuration issues with the initial release that are now fixed on the nightly builds, but won’t be in the stable release of the omnibus until their 8.0 release.

If you follow the instructions here GitLab SSO should work–please let us know if you have issues?

@it33 I’ve done some test, here we go!

I’m using Mattermost standalone on a different server, not using GitLab’s version. To configure it, I’ve used the instruction you linked.

After download the new image, so a complete new installation, I’ve configured Mattermost for GitLab integration. Then I created a Team but was possible only with Email Sign up, so I did. Once created a team I logged out and:

  • In the login for Team (<mattermost_addres>/<team>) there is a link for GitLab but I get We couldn't find the existing account error, I can login only using Email and password;
  • In the Main page, I can create a New Team only using Email Signup, no GitLab options are present

To add members to my team, since email is still not working, I sent them the Team Invite Link. This allow them to get to Team Page, login using GitLab link, create a user and join the channel. After that they can always join using GitLab authentication. They can’t join using GitLab if I don’t send them the Invite Link (as expected I think).

I’ve never saw the GitLab button presented before but saw something when my mates do after the clicking the Team Invite Link. Let me know if I can try something else or give you more info about it.

Thanks @cifvts, this is an issue with having accounts auth with EITHER email/password or GitLab SSO, but not both.

It’ll be fixed in GitLab 8.0 omnibus shipping Sept 22, more details here: GitLab Mattermost needs your help: We Couldn’t find the existing account

Thanks for finding this, we’re also updating Mattermost error messages to make this more clear.