Mattermost won't allow file uploads or binary pasting like screenshots upon upgrading to version 5.37.1

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Upon upgrading to the latest version of team edition 5.37.1, mattermost won’t allow any file uploads or binary pasting like screenshots or short clips. Logs show the following error message:

error mlog/log.go:251 Unable to write the file. {“path”: “/api/v4/files”, “request_id”: “”, “ip_addr”: “”, “user_id”: “”, “method”: “POST”, “err_where”: “WriteFile”, “http_code”: 500, “err_details”: "unable write the data in the file data/20210817/teams/noteam/channels//users//.pdf: unexpected EOF"}*

Steps to reproduce
Upload file or copy paste a screenshot.

Expected behavior
As always through so many years, uploads of all kinds were working fine.
Permissions double checked for correctness. I am using mattermost from 3 plus years. Always worked smooth and without the mentioned issue above.

The issue is resolved. It was nginx user permissions which were causing problem. Nginx tmp directory was using wrong permissions. Exactly /var/lib/nginx user was reset upon nginx update.

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