Migration from MS Teams


Is migration from MS Teams supported in Mattermost?
if yes, can someone provide some reference/information/step-by-step information on how to perform migration from MS Teams to Mattermost?

Thank you.

We have general migration guidelines here: Migration Guide — Mattermost 5.34 documentation.

@amy.blais I already saw general guides about migration but it does NOT provide any info on how to migrate from MS Teams. I was wondering if someone has experience with that and could give me some direction on that.

Hello, @abdurauf

In general, we do not have any official guides on migrating from MS Teams to Mattermost. Vice versa, I was trying to look for any articles related to migrating Mattermost to MS Teams in hopes to see if there is any way to reverse engineer it. Verified that it is unavailable:

No. It is not supported to migrate data from other collaboration tool to Teams. If you really interested in this feature, you can post your feedback in the dedicated Teams UserVoice forum to request the feature.

Sharing it here so you are clear with the answer. Unless there is a way to convert the MS Teams export to a JSON file that complies to the bulk importer, you might have to start from scratch here.