Missing the "Android Native" label

i also build my own mattermost-mobile-android-app and my push-notigication wont work.

i think it’s because of my app configuration, because in my “View and Logout of Active Sessions” the Android app is not marked as “Android Native”.

Can someone give me some typical problems with the configuration for missing the “Android Native” label? greetings

Hi @stephanfriedrich,

If you’re building your own app, please take a look at instructions here on how to enable push notifications (search for sections on push notifications): https://developers.mattermost.com/contribute/mobile/build-your-own/.

thank you for your answer.
let me explain it differently, i’ve been running mattermost-server, MPNS, and my own mattermost-android-app v1.8 successfully for a year now. push messages also work great.
when i compiled mattermost-mobile 1.8 i had a similar problem that push-notifications didn’t work, someone from the community helped me. and we found out that in the session log of the web interface my android app was only marked as “Android” but not as “Android-Native”. with this sign, we found a small bug in my andorid app configuration with support.

now i tried to build the mattermost app v1.13 again (i updated server and MPNS as well) and i failed again because of the same bug, but i can’t remember what we did.

my old android-app v1.8 (which is also marked as “Android-Native”) also works with the new servers, but not the new build v1.13

Hi @stephanfriedrich,

Have you replaced the the google-services.json file for your configuration?

The reason that it does not display as a Native app is because the app is not able to get the device token id when registering (this happens every time you open the app)