TPNS Push notifications do not work

I have recently installed Mattermost on a Ubuntu server (18.04.5). The push service is set to the default TPNS configuration. All users have the standard Android/ iOS apps installed. They sometimes get notifications such as “UserXY sent you a message” but the message content does not show up. Furthermore, this does not work reliably on Android 10 systems, where notifications show only if the app has been active recently.
I have followed the steps here Troubleshooting Push Notifications — Mattermost 5.31 documentation and do not see any “Sending push notifcations” messages in the server log. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
Its a first time I am handling a server myself, so please excuse me if its sth totally obvious.

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I just saw that a very similiar issue has been described here. Main difference is the Ubuntu version. Also, I have not done the installation myself but am using a pre-configured installation by Kamatera.

Hello, @bisma01

Allow me to assist you with the queries that you have here:

The generic <User> sent you a message is shown due to the server configuration of the push notification setup in the backend. If you are a System Administrator, you can navigate to System Console > Notifications and configure this under Push Notification Contents :

Set it to the one shown in the screen shot so that you will see the full message.

As for the push notification not working reliably on Android, can I please confirm which version of Android mobile app are you using on your end? Just to tie back to the issue that you mentioned that you came across on the forum. Thanks.

To add on to what @ahmaddanial said regarding the Android Mattermost app, I’d like to suggest, from my own experience as an Android user, that you disable power optimization for the Mattermost app in your Android settings. This feature of Android puts apps to sleep if they aren’t used or opened for a pre-determined amount of time, which in turn, causes the app(s) to stop receiving push notifications until they are opened again.