Mobile 2.0 "The server is not reachable" error

Version 2.0 official app showing “The server is not reachable” error main page.
But send/receive message is no problem.

And mobile beta (2.0.0 / build 440) / web / desktop 5.2.2 : no error.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Fresh install mobile 2.0 official app
  2. Launch app

Expected behavior

  • No error

Observed behavior
Device : iPhone 13 pro / iOS 16.2
App Version: 2.0.0 (Build 452)
Server Version: 7.7.0
Database: postgres 13 (schema 100)

Hi Eooooq,

does this error go away after some time or does it persist across app restarts and refreshes? Any other functionality impacted, like notifications?
Did you already try to switch networks (wifi → gsm, gsm → wifi) in order to verify that the problem is not related to a specific connection?
Does your Mattermost domain have an IPv6 record and is it reachable via IPv6 properly?

  • The error doesn’t go away.
  • The error appears even if the app is completely closed or the iPhone itself is rebooted and rauch app.
  • Both Wi-Fi/5G errors occur. (Ping to the server is less than 30ms, network infrastructure speed is more than 100mpbs)
  • There is no ipv6 in the DNS record, but it is possible to access in ipv6 (5g network).
  • Notification is no problem. (Receive alarm, mobile, desktop)

When you send a message on mobile, the new message appears immediately on desktop app.

However, messages sent from the desktop will not be refreshed from the mobile app.

Thanks, this sounds like a problem with the websockets which also indicates the error your seeing, so your mobile client is not able to establish a solid websocket connection to the server. The websocket is used for streaming events and notifying the mobile app about a new post f.ex.

Trying to find out how to further debug that and will update you once I know.

Also, can you please verify the build number of your app? Click on your profile picture on the bottom right, then on Settings and then on “About ”. It should be build 452.

Also, if it really is 452, can you please click on the “Report a problem” link at the bottom of the Settings screen and send yourself the logs and attach the relevant parts here? Not sure if they contain sensitive information, you might want to DM them to me or strip the relevant parts out of it first before posting them publicly.

Got the same issue: App showing “The server is not reachable” and no notification on incoming messages.
Could it be an incompatibility with the new Android app and our server which is still on the previous version ?

Server Version: 7.4.0 (Build 7.4.0)
App Version: 2.0.0 (Build 6000452)
App Platform: android

2023/01/23 17:35:19.121 INFO  Launch app in Home screen
2023/01/23 17:35:19.200 INFO  Running "Home
2023/01/23 17:35:21.195 INFO  websocket connecting to wss://
2023/01/23 17:35:22.279 WARN  Handling Javascript error websocket error false
2023/01/23 17:35:22.281 ERROR websocket error wss://
2023/01/23 17:35:22.283 WARN  Handling Javascript error WEBSOCKET ERROR EVENT false
2023/01/23 17:35:22.290 ERROR WEBSOCKET ERROR EVENT {
  "message": {
    "error": "Forbidden"
  "url": "wss:\/\/\/api\/v4\/websocket"

On my computer, in the browser, the web socket call works fine.
Status Code: 101 Switching Protocols

WARNING Handling Javascript error WEBSOCKET ERROR EVENT 0
    message =     {
        error =         {
            message = "Error Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain Code=-9836 \"(null)\" UserInfo={_kCFStreamErrorCodeKey=-9836, _kCFStreamErrorDomainKey=3}";
    url = "wss://mattermost/api/v4/websocket";

Any solution for this error?