Native Android Websockets with Autobahn

Does anyone have suggestions for how to consume websockets on android from the mattermost server?

I have tried using the method from this tutorial but I am getting errors detailed here. I have also considered using autobahn android but they have a warning that says

Autobahn|Android implements version 1 of WAMP.
This is incompatible with version 2 of WAMP which is already implemented in Autobahn|Python as well as Autobahn|JS
Migration of Autobahn|Android to WAMP v2 is coming, but we cannot guarantee a release date.

and I don’t know how well that would play with the mattermost server.


Hi @Julia

Can you confirm that se_bastiaan’s suggestion worked for you and fixed the issue?

Thanks for your help @se_bastiaan!

I noticed that you opened multiple[1] questions[2] that follow-up to this post in the past month. Maybe it’s an idea to open source your code (since you seem to working on a native client) in a Github repository with your work? Maybe I can find some time to help. Or maybe there are others that want to help creating a native client.