You may be offline or the Mattermost server

New install fails to connect to android app

I have a new install and the server appears to work fine via web browsers, I have validated that the SSL cert is valid and has 100% of the fullchain information. Websocket works fine via chrome as well, I can see it connecting and I get packets back and forth from it. Email notification and push notifications are both disabled while testing the server.

When I attempt to login via the android app I get “You may be offline or the Mattermost server you are trying to connect to is experiencing problems.” The only think I can see form the server end is that adroid recieves GET /api/v3/users/initial_load with a 200 status.

Is there a listing somewhere of what could trigger that message? Is there something in the initial load that android would not like that could cause it to show that message?

Hi @ggrensteiner,
Thank you for your question.
Could you share more about which version of the Android app you have installed?
If you don’t already have v3.6.0 installed, could you try installing it from the Playstore and see if that fixes your issue?