Nginx Config Resets After 'sudo mmomni reconfigure'

I adjusted my nginx config file (mattermost.conf) to allow for uploads up too 100M and restarted nginx. Worked flawlessly.

After running ‘sudo mmomni reconfigure’ to restart Mattermost for a different reason, my nginx.config file gets reset to original specs (50M upload max).

Is this expected behavior? Is there a modifier for the “mmomni reconfigure” command that will leave nginx’s ‘mattermost.conf’ alone?

Mattermost 8.0, installed via Omnibus

Hi Christopher,

Thank you for reaching out, and great questions here.

No, it is not expected behavior for the mmomni reconfigure command to reset your nginx.conf file. This command is intended to reconfigure Mattermost settings, not modify your Nginx configuration.

It’s possible that the Omnibus package you are using has a default configuration that overwrites your custom nginx.conf file during the reconfiguration process. To prevent this from happening, you can modify the Omnibus configuration file for Mattermost.

To do this, open the Omnibus configuration file located at /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb using a text editor. Look for the section related to Mattermost and find the mattermost_nginx['custom_nginx_config'] option. Uncomment this option if necessary and add the relevant configuration directives to increase the upload limit to 100M. Save the changes.

After modifying the configuration file, run the following command to apply the changes:

sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure

This will reconfigure your Mattermost installation without modifying your Nginx configuration.

Please note that the specific configuration and file paths may vary depending on your system setup and installation method. Make sure to adjust the instructions accordingly.

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