Migrating to existing server


My company recently setup their own mattermost server. I had installed one for my team a few years ago and now I would like to migrate the content of my mattermost instance to the company one.

In the documentation I could only find instrauctions to migrate to a new, empty, server or from another service. Can anyone help me ?



I found the bulk export tool but it does not work on my omnibus installation since it requests a config.json file which is not used in omnibus anymore.

Is there any way around ? Should I build a config.json file corresponding to my gitlab.rb ?

Also, does anyone know how users matching is done in the bulk import ?

The config.json file is there and is used by Mattermost. It’s just that omnibus probably generates the file from gitlab.rb.

Hi @agnivade , the documentation specifically says it’s not used:


Plus, I checked the file and it indeed does not contain the values that I configured through gitlab.rb. Does the documentation need to be updated ?

Oh I see, it stores the configuration in the database. My bad there. In that case, you need to pass the database dsn as the config param. Mattermost will understand that it needs to fetch the config from the DB.

That looks promising, I’ll give it a try.

Would you by chance know how users matching is done between the old and the new server ?

Oh I see, so it looks like you want to merge the contents of 2 servers. I am not exactly sure of that case. I think it should just skip over users if they already exist, but don’t quote me on that.