Mattermost Enterprise with Gitlab Omnibus

We’re thinking about switching to Mattermost Enterprise. However, AFAIK we would need to deploy Mattermost ourselves, migrating from the community version embedded in Gitlab Mattermost. Is that true?

If that’s the case, it seems almost too much work for switching to Enterprise…

Hi @arnuschky,

We have instructions here on how to do that, is this what you were referring to:

Thank you, but this explains me how to install Mattermost stand-alone and then migrate from Gitlab. I don’t want to do that - in that case I prefer to use the free version because it’s much more convenient to install it together with Gitlab’s omnibus version.

So basically you are saying that it’s not possible to deploy Mattermost Enterprise with Gitlab Omnibus, right?

Hi @arnuschky,

These might be instructions you’re looking for: - but yes, this is for Team Edition only.