NGINX Proxy Size Incorrect

I am setting up a Nginx proxy server for mattermost. I have Nginx listening to port 443 and the page comes up just fine. I then created my mattermost.conf file for Nginx to use but I noticed that the version of Nginx I am using (1.10.2) does not follow the documentation here:

The Nginx server I have installed actually grabs conf files from /etc/nginx/conf.d/ and not from /etc/nginx/sites-available/. I still configured the mattermost.conf file for Nginx but when I attempt to start Nginx I get an error:

proxy_busy_buffer_size must be less than the size of all “proxy-buffer”

Has anyone else had this error?

I am hosting the proxy on the same server as my mattermost server.

Thank you @unawareIT,

I’m not sure, so I will ask our team about this.

I could be using a version of Nginx that might be too old. I know there is a 1.12 version of nginx and I can try that.

Hi @unawareIT,

Did upgrading the Nginx version help?

I will be testing that today and I will update the post with my results. Does anyone know which version of NGINX should be used for the installation guide?

Hi @unawareIT,

Here is helpful feedback from one community member:

Documentation suggests that Ubuntu 14.04 is supported. That comes with nginx 1.4.6. So, that or something more recent, probably. Also, the include folder ( conf.d vs. sites-available ) is configurable and shouldn’t matter. Does your nginx configuration specify a value for proxy_busy_buffer_size ? Is it smaller than proxy_buffers ? Does the same happen for smaller proxy_busy_buffer_size values? (nginx documentation).