No direct links to private channels?!


is it true that you cannot link directly to a private channel (by “~{channel name}”), even if you are a member of it?


Hello, @frap

The ~channel name only works for public channels but you should be able to obtain the URL of the private through the View Info feature.

Another option is to right click the room name on the channel list and click Copy Link.

If you prefer, I can also create a feature request to share this to the team to standardize the ~ feature across all types of channels (or perhaps even the direct messages too).

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Thank you, @ahmaddanial!

Yes, indeed, I think it should be possible to address any channel of which both the sender and the recipient are members. If you create an according feature request, I would appreciate it a lot.

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Hi, @frap

You are most welcome. Here we go - Implement ~{channel_name} Feature for Private Channels and Direct Messages .

Please cast your votes on the uservoice topic so we can gather more interest on it. Thanks!