Linking channels with ~tilde will resolve locally for private chats

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, so I’m opening a thread here instead of a bug report on github.


The issue is found when linking to a channel using tilde, e.g. ~town-square: this will resolve to the current team Town Square channel. The issue is that if the link is written in a private message, users will see the message resolved to different Town Squares depending on the team where the message is read.

In other word, the link resolves to a different room depending on the context (Team) where one reads the message. This could be a feature, but can also bite back if one is not aware of it.

Related to this, it seems there is no way to link to channels across teams, which is not great.

Steps to reproduce

  1. open MM cloud
  2. create 2 teams Red and Blue, with a person in both
  3. the person sends a message to itself when in team Red, the link points to Red’s Town Square
  4. the person navigates to team Blue and reads self messages
  5. the link now points to Blue’s Town Square

Expected behavior
Links are consistently pointing to the same channel, across teams. If a person has no access to that channel, the link is not resolved or is disabled.

Observed behavior
No errors, just confusion.