Link "Invite others to this team" in header of "Town Square" channel can not be removed


Link “Invite others to this team” in header of “Town Square” channel can not be removed.

Steps to reproduce

OS Debian Jessie
Mattermost Version: 5.0.0
Database Schema Version: 5.0.0
Database: mysql

Setting in System Console -> Users and Teams -> Enable Account Creation to false do not remove link “Invite others to this team” in header of “Town Square” channel. It only removes “Get Team Invite Link” in “Main menu”.
Checked it using different roles (System Admin and Member).

Expected behavior

Invite link should be accessible for System Admin and Team Admin(s).

Observed behavior

Here is screenshot when “Enable Account Creation” set to true.

Hi @Wowik! Thank you for reporting this.

I’m able to repro this so I’ll ask the team on what’s expected here.

@Wowik - I checked with the team and it looks like this is expected. One response:

“The team invite link can be used for members already in the system - e.g. someone now is in team A can be invited to team B. So I think it can still be kept.”

You can follow any other responses in our build server in the Bugs channel - feel free to join and ask any other questions regarding this!

Thanks for rapid answer, but I am afraid it is not correct. Or I do not understand situation correctly.

Marked with arrows on my screenshot have same functionality - it opens window “Team Invite Link”.

As I understood from your answer, link “Invite others to this team” in header of Town Square have to open window “Add New Members To Support Team”.
In this case it means that link “Invite others to this team” operates incorrectly and opens wrong window?



Hi @Wowik! It looks like possibly there was a bug that has been fixed after v5.0.

I tested this on v5.0.2 and v5.1.0 and this is what I get when I disable “Enable Account Creation” and click “Invite others to this team” in header of “Town Square” channel:


Same window I have too (I have v5.0.1 now installed).
Is it correct behavior?

This link any member of team can provide for any person and it allows to register new account on a mattermost server.
I think it is wrong.

Hi @Wowik! You’re right, this seems like a bug. I created a ticket and you can follow it’s progress here: