Send Message to user link stopped working after upgrade


I have just updated from version 4.0.0 to 4.7.1

Almost everything worked fine however one of my users just noticed that if you click on a user’s avatar in any channel and choose “send message” , it simply redirects you to town square rather than take you to a private message!

For example, if I click the avatar of a user who has posted in town square, this is the URL that it follows “…channels/town-square#” rather than …/messages/@usersname

To make it more confusing, when I click on a user’s avatar in a private message it follows this URL …/messages/@usersname# but then takes me to townsquare anyway!

I hope that makes sense. Does anybody have any idea what is going on?!

People are very welcome to create an account at and replicate the issue if it helps.

Many thanks,


Hi @Stonehedge,

Thanks for your feedback,

We did have a bug in 4.7.1 which has been fixed so if you’d like to upgrade to the latest version your issue should be resolved :slight_smile: