No login screen after Gitlab 8.2.1 omnibus install

I’ve searched around and haven’t found anyone who reported the same issue.

In a nutshell, I upgraded Gitlab to 8.2.1 (Omnibus install) and enable Mattermost, set url. I hit the url and see the following in on the page:

GitLab Mattermost
All team communications in one place,
searchable and accessible from anywhere.

I do not see the login box or anything else on the page other than the lower third Mattermost banner and links.

I also see this in the logs:

[CRIT] failed to ping db err:dial unix /var/opt/gitlab/postgresql/.s.PGSQL.5432: no such file or directory

Gitlab is working fine.

I had the same problem when trying to access an external database and decided as follows:
enter link description here