No login screen after logout 1.3.0

I just did a fresh install of MatterMost 1.3.0

On the first screen I created a user configured the email setting and in the system console I turned off Signup from login.

I then proceeded to logout out of Mattermost, but now I don’t see where I can log back in and now I am stuck outside and can’t log in.

Here is an image of what I see.


in config.json change "EnableSignUpWithEmail": false, to "EnableSignUpWithEmail": true,

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Ya that enabled the login page, although it seems like a bug or the wording is not correct.

You should still be able to login whether SignUp is enabled or not.

Agree, @eric, could you help see if there is a ticket on this already or if we should file a new one?

This seems to break our fast, obvious, forgiving standard…

Bug ticket was filed for this and closed because it was added as part of this ticket to create warning messages when a system admin changes critical settings in the system console. Next step on this is for a PM to draft the spec for the warning messages considering FX guidelines. Thanks for the repro!