Unable to login to my mattermost server

Hi there

My mattermost server (mattermost-5.14.2-linux-amd64.tar.gz) was running smoothly hosted in my own vps running under Ubuntu 18.04. I could also access it using Android and iOS mobile app until yesterday.

Today I couldn’t able to login to my server at all. i.e. when I login to my site http://example.com:8065 the username & password is not showing like before as per per the picture below:

If somebody can help me as to understand what must have caused this issue would appreciate!

Thanking in advance.

I just found out the reason why the username and the password disappeared from my landing home page is due to the fact that below EmailSetting was set to false. On making it true again now I can see the username and password back:)

“EmailSettings”: {
“EnableSignInWithEmail”: true,
“EnableSignInWithUsername”: true,

Thanks all!

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