No more notifications on my android phone since the update to 5.8

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No more notifications on my android phone since the update to 5.8

Steps to reproduce

Self-hosted server with version 5.8

Observed behavior

Since the upgrade to version 5.8 (before no problem) I no longer receive a message notification on my android phone with the official application. I have looked in the attached options at the push part of my server

Does anyone encounter this problem and how to solve it?

Thank you.

I found this :
{“level”:“error”,“ts”:1551115964.1171994,“caller”:“app/notification_push.go:285”,“msg”:“Device push reported as error for UserId=umpbq7usfprr9fyfi86c7m919w SessionId=yxq53cimyirh9dkamp7jug9iir message=Post dial tcp: i/o timeout”,“user_id”:“umpbq7usfprr9fyfi86c7m919w”}

and i changed my server on the same day (ip adress and device)

Hi @gudbes,

We have a ticket open here to investigate issues with push notifications:

Please also make sure that you are on the latest mobile app version (v1.16.1) (if not already).

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Thank you for your answer (my version is the laster mobile app)

Maybe check with the Desktop or WebApp the Account Menu (with the 3 bars) —> Security—> Active Sessions.

Check if there is everything fine. For example check how many mobile app login you have. When you have multiple but only one phone then remove the oldest entry. Then try again.

And also rebooting your phone can help.

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Hi, @gudbes

Apart from the ticket provided by @amy.blais and the suggestions by @JtheBAB, I would also recommend you to confirm if this is a device specific issue or rather a server side problem after the upgrade, meaning that it is only happening to your Android device or other users who are also on Android. Can you check if any other users are running into the same problem?

Additionally, I would also recommend you to log out from every session that you have (after trying out @JtheBAB’s suggestion) before ensuring that you are either offline / away for more than 5 minutes before you test the push notification again.

Hello and thank you for your help.

So I disconnected all my accounts as you told me and that didn’t change anything.

However, I can tell you that this affects other Android device users and that the application on Windows and Linux works perfectly.

I hope this is a bug in the server part and that an update will appear soon.

Otherwise, here’s what’s in the logs

{“level”: “error”, “ts”:1564344964.1980994, “caller”: “app/notification_push.go:285”, “msg”: “Device push reported as error for UserId=6jfr4679jgfdgy54g6h997jg468 SessionId=jhfrt788ugfh9dhji877ygg9iir message=Post dial tcp: i/o timeout”, “user_id”: “6jfr4679jgfdgy54g6h997jg468”}

Hopefully it will guide someone.

Thank you for your help