OAuth - Office365


we would like to replace LDAP login with OAuth Office 365.

how to convert existing LDAP users to Office 365?

Existing LDAP user Office 365 login message:
“There is already an account associated with that email address using a sign in method other than office365. Please sign in using ldap.”

Thank you

also tried to change authservice field in table users to office365 with no luck.

Hi @dodolo,

In order to allow your users to login using Office365, they need to first login using their email and password and then change their sign in method to Office365.

The system admin can ensure login using email & password via System Console->Authentication->Email and setting Enable sign-in with email & password to true.

After users login with email and password, they should be able to change their sign in method via their Account Settings > Security > Sign-in Method to switch from LDAP over to Office365.

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Really? So if we want to force Office 365 login only, and currently have a couple of hundred users already on LDAP, we have to guide each user to convert to Email, set a password and then change the sing in to Office356?

can’t this be done globally for all users?
Thank you