OCR a pdf document in channel


When a user uploads a .pdf document to a channel i want to OCR the document and then move the data off Mattermost possibly to a folder on the file system. Has this been accomplished?

Alternately, I’d like to find and monitor a Channel location on the file system. When items are posted to the channel by any user (ie: a pdf document) i’d like to move that item to another location on the file system. In my experiment i noticed the file location changes after ever post.

Is there another known technique to accomplish this task?

Hi @Gift_Of_Sight, apologies for late reply.

I believe we don’t support something like this yet, would you like to contribute this in the feature idea forum so it can be upvoted and considered for a help wanted ticket?

Please include a link back to this Forum Issue. If you’re interested in implementing, please say so and we’ll prioritize the review.

You get 10 votes in the feature idea forum, and each one influences the future of the project.