Option "Set a status" - not correct when choosing "Clear after: Today"

I am used to set a status in Mattermost: I set my location (the office, at home, elsewhere) every day, so my co-workers know where I am today.
I set it every day so I use the option:“Clear after: Today”. My status message becomes: “Until today”. But this message sounds like it’s excluding today itself. More appropriate would be “Up until today” of “Until the end of today”.
When using a specific end time or time period the term “until” works perfect: “Until 17:00”, but it’s confusing when using “Today” or “This week”. “This week” results in “Until Saturday”: is that including Saturday or is Friday the last day. (BTW: End of the week in Europe is Sunday…).

Is there a way to change this for options “Today” (“Until the end of today”) and “This week” (“Until the end of Sunday”)? This feedback is for US-English, but the same can be said of the Dutch-version.

Thank you for the feedback @SnowboardBas. I see how this can be confusing and I like the suggestions you’ve provided. We will take this feedback under consideration and will see if we can make an improvement here.