[Solved] Keep Online status if not using Mattermost?

[Moderator Note: More information about status and availability settings can be found in our recent doc updates here: Set your status and availability - Mattermost documentation]

Hi, is it possible to keep my status as Online even if I’m not using Mattermost? After a while the status changes to Away.

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Hi Hono,

it changes to away when there’s no client interaction with your account, so in fact you are away. F.ex. when you lock your screen (mobile or desktop) the status changes, but it should stay online as long as you’re actively using the app or are working on your computer.

There have been some issues in the past with the synchronization of the online/away status and it’s sometimes hard to be certain in what status a user is. When Mattermost flags you as “away”, are you really “away” then or are you still working on your computer and Mattermost is minimized or something like this?

If this happens too fast for you, you might want to raise the timeout in the System console’s “Experimental Features” section called “User Status Away Timeout” (which defaults to 300s), but please keep in mind that this setting affects all users, not just yours.

I use the Mattermost website in Google Chrome. Usually I’m still working on my laptop and Mattermost is on another tab in Chrome. Should I try the Mattermost desktop app instead?

I think the desktop app will stay online as long as the app is not minimized, but to be honest, I’m not 100% sure about that and I think you would have to try it out to see what works better for you.
I’m always using the desktop app on Windows and am working on my PC but haven’t touched the Mattermost client for about 45 minutes now. According to my database, I’m still flagged as online:

select status,to_timestamp(lastactivityat/1000) from status where userid='<myid>';
 status |      to_timestamp
 online | 2022-09-24 12:25:01+02

(It’s 13:14 now on my end of the world).

This is also the behaviour I would expect - sitting in front of my PC with the app running (although not used) should be considered as online.

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I’m going to try that. Thanks for the help.