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I have some users telling that they are being notified (by push at the phone) when they are present. I have a UserStatusAwayTimeout": 1200 config value. This means, that after twenty minutes, it starts sending push notifications in our case. I assume the problem is that you are perhaps working in another window and it assumes you are out… is this true?. How is your experience with this kind of issues?.

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What are the push notification settings set to for the affected user?

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Since you mentioned that the issue affects some users only, it will be good to check the actual push notification settings on their mobile client as suggested by @amy.blais :

Take note that push notifications can be configured to be sent even when the user is online based on the screen shot above. Let us know how it goes.


Sorry for the big delay… have been totally busy and can’t be able to answer till now… I’m so sorry…

I honestly suppose that works just fine, the one you, Adanial commented.

The problem is, it seems that the app, does not properly detect when you are online or not. It seems it only detects you are online if you are using the Mattermost app or web. It seems it does not consider you are online when you have the Mattermost app minimized and you are working on another app. It would be ideal to consider you are online only when the screensaver appears… not in any other case… or of course… when you log out…

It seems this is the main complain of my users… Some of them tell me (although am not really convinced about that) that Slack detected this properly (the presence) but that Mattermost seems not to detect properly when you are working on the computer, so online, but just not using the Mattermost app… Could this be true?.

How this presence check is achieved?. When Mattermost considers you are not online?.


Hi @egoitzr,

The Mattermost server detects you’re online when you are active in Mattermost itself. If you are not using Mattermost for 5 or more minutes, even if you are active on another website/app, your status will turn into “away” on Mattermost. So, in Mattermost “online” status means when you are online/active in Mattermost itself.

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Hi Amy!

Sorry for the big delay. I have been ill, later on christmas holidays… I’m so sorry…

Thank you so much for your answer!!. It seems as in the following link is explained for Slack, that it takes care or knows your availability by the interaction of yourself with your own computer. Please read in " How Slack determines your availability" at site “”. It seems that what my user is arguing about, is that Slack’s client, seems to measure slightly clever your availability, by perhaps, asking some of your computer timer (the screen saver timer or similar) your idle-ness of yourself in your own computer.

I assume this could be then treated as an improvement, as a sugestion. Perhaps for those using the app, not those using the browser probably, the desktop OS could be queried about the time the computer keeps waiting for the user to hitting keys or moving the mouse, doing one click… For instance, for Cocoa (Mac OS X) this should help…

This would very probably improve Mattermost a lot.

Thanks a lot really!!!
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Hi @egoitzr and no worries!

You can share this improvement idea on our Feature Request forum: Thanks!

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