Mattermost marking users "offline" when they are "away"

Mattermost server instead of mark users away when they are idle, its marking the users as offline.
Any ideia how to solve this?


Hi @cpc,

Thanks for your feedback,

Could you share which version of Mattermost you have installed? And also whether you’re using browser or desktop app? If browser, which one?

Mattermost v4.3 shipped on October 16th - you can try upgrading to the latest version to see whether this solves your issue?

Hi @lindy65,

Version: 4.3.0 and I use both desktop app and browser, Chrome or Firefox, and all have the same issue.

Thanks for helping.

Hi @cpc,

Thanks for the additional information,

One more question, when you say users are idle, is the mattermost window in view on your screen or in the background? Then when you click on the window, does it show you as offline?

I’m battling to reproduce your issue on our nightly build server running the latest master so I’m thinking the issue is either fixed or reproduces intermittently.

Hi @lindy65

Not like that.
The problem is only on the left sidebar icons where is the list of the users for “Direct Messages”. The icon before the name should change for orange when away(idle) but instead it changes to grey with an x(offline).

No problems with the user state itself. Just the icon that i mention above changing for the incorrect state.


Hi @cpc,

Ah, ok, I gotcha… This could be something to do with the theme you’re using and the colours selected for the icons.

Could you try changing to one of the standard themes (e.g. Mattermost) and let me know if the issue still reproduces? If it is fixed for you when using Mattermost theme, you could try selecting the colours you’d like to see for the statuses of users in DM messages.

Yes, we have a couple of users with different themes including the standard one but all of them have the same issue.

I don’t think that is the problem because when we set manually ‘/away’ it updates the icon as expected like image below.


Ok, thanks @cpc,

I’ll post this to the team and see if they can help troubleshoot further.

I’m not able to reproduce this so I’m a little baffled…


If you need further information, just let me know.

Thanks @lindy65

Hi @cpc,

I’ve created a Jira ticket so our devs can investigate the issue.

You can follow the progress there :slight_smile:

@cpc Wondering if you have consistent reproduction steps. Our team has been unable to replicate your issue.


  1. Have you noticed this issue following a server restart, or at anytime?
  2. How many users does this reproduce with?
  3. Do you use a loadbalancer or a proxy like NGINX?


  1. Since installation. And i even installed on a different VM and still does the same.
  2. All users (51) have the same problem.
  3. I use NGINX as proxy

Just to remember we receive the message and notifications correctly. The only thing is the icon changing for the wrong status, in this case to offline icon when should be away icon.

Hi @cpc,

We’ve created this Jira ticket to investigate the issue.

Today i noticed that 2 of the 50+ users were with correct icon (orange one) when idle. No changes was made on server or client. But when idle again, the offline icon appears again. Can’t really understand what triggers this…

This is a fresh instalation as i told before but forgot to mention that the database is a dump from a older version of mattermost. Forgot to mention that.

Thanks for the update @cpc :slight_smile:

I’ve added your note to the ticket…

We’re having exactly the same issue. People only appear offline in the sidebar (as well as the main channel next to their name), but are actually away. Server Version 4.7.1, Desktop App 4.0.0

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Hi @Ju_St,

Thanks for your feedback,

Is there any new information regarding set-up you can add to this issue to help our engineers troubleshoot?

We have this ticket open to investigate the issue.

Hello lindy,

we’re using Debian 9 with postgresql and nginx.

The issue is easily reproducible on our side. if Mattermost is not the active window, the user status next to the profile image wil dissapear (showing as offline to others, but there’s actually no status icon in the desktop app). The status can be set to online and changes immediately. Writing in Mattermost also sets the status to online. One thing to note is that I’m using a custom theme (but only customized within the Mattermost Theme settings). Maybe that’s causing the issue. I can check if other users with the default theme have the same issue and report back.

Let me know if there are any log files I could share that could be helpful.

Thanks @Ju_St,

If you could check whether other users using the default theme have the same issue that would be a great starting point.

Once I’ve heard back from you, we can troubleshoot further…

Hello @lindy65
I just checked with my colleagues and most of them don’t seem to have this issue. Might really be the custom template. I’m using this:


Let me check with some other users who might have changed the display style, to see if they face the same issues. I’ll report back