Active Users Appearing Offline


When someone loads MatterMost in the browser, some subset of the users who are online appear offline. Refreshing once or twice more leads to a correct overview of who is online and offline but users who are actively engaged in conversation can also drop to offline status randomly even though they aren’t experiencing connectivity issues.

Steps to reproduce

Just start chatting and you will eventually have an empty status icon even though you can still talk. Clicking it manually to online can solve it.

Mattermost Version: 5.25.2
Database Schema Version: 5.25.0
Database: mysql

Was working fine before we upgraded to 5.25.

Expected behavior

It seems there is some strange behavior now that mattermost is behind a proxy. I expect to not randomly appear offline when I am actively typing messages. It could be a server timeout or HAproxy is closing the connection prematurely. Are there any hints for what parameters are needed to keep the browser connected through haproxy?

This doc may help: