Override Incoming Webhook Username

What determines an incoming webhook’s username? Can this be changed?

Yes, on the config.json and I believe thru the system console, you can change it.

And for further information on how to use it, you can read https://docs.mattermost.com/developer/webhooks-incoming.html more specifically additional notes item 3.

In addition, with Enable integrations to override usernames turned on, you can also override the username the message posts as by providing a username parameter in your JSON payload. For example, you might want your message looking like it came from a robot so you can use payload={“username”: “robot”, “text”: “Hello, this is some text.”} to change the username of the post to “robot”. Note, to combat any malicious users from trying to use this to perform phishing attacks a BOT indicator appears next to posts coming from webhooks.

I was doing that, however I did not enable overrides in the system. Thank You!

So that works if you use a regular mattermost payload, but what about for attachments?


Attachments have its own array into the payload from my understanding, never used it though…

If you meant an actual file upload I am unsure the incoming webhook can do that in this case you might want to check the API it self https://api.mattermost.com/v4/#tag/files%2Fpaths%2F~1files%2Fpost

We observed that the webhook is taking name of user created it. Instead of enabling integrations to override usernames, is it possible to attach a fixed username (bot) for a given webhook.