Page refresh on channel switch


I installed mattermost on our internal Server with apache2 https redirect.
Everything works now but there is one little thing, which is quite annoying.
If I swap a channel (maybe also a private message - but no other users yet) there is a complete page refresh after some miliseconds (so the switch was initiated - but then channel reloads). It does not happen everytime, but almost.

Linux Mint (Ubuntu 14.04) - Chromium

Is there anything you might know I could have missed? This also happens when I open the chat via the default http://localhost:8065 url. So it looks like it has nothing to do with the https redirects.

Edit: tested it with firefox, seems to work. any idea?

Hello. Do you have any idea what the mere hardware prerequisites for a mattermost ubuntu server are?

We recommend at least 2GB of RAM in the Mattermost Ubuntu installation guide.