Permission to invite to the team - Mattermost TE 5.20.1

im using Mattermost Team Edition 5.20.1 and I would like to ask if it is possible to set that only the administrator can invite users to the team?

documentation says
" This feature’s config.json setting is "RestrictTeamInvite": "all" with options "all" , "team_admin" , and "system_admin" for the above settings, respectively."

but i can also see:
Enable sending team invites from
Removed in June 16, 2018 release

I tried and it actually doesn’t work
is there a method that solves my problem?
thanks for the help

I believe that permission has been replaced by Advanced Permissions, but it’s only available in E10 / E20:


I’m afraid of that, but I’m waiting, because maybe someone has a different solution

thanks :slight_smile:

Hello, @luka

Sharing my finding here as well. Based on the official documentation, I can confirm that the RestrictTeamInvite parameter is no longer applicable in version 5.20.1. I have manually attempted to play around with the value but the way to make this work now is via Advanced Permissions which is available via the enterprise offerings E10 & E20.

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