Personal Discussion with a channel

Hi everybody,
I have a question if there is a solution for this scenario:

We have 3 office managers and all of them may read a request from all collegues.
But the other collegues shall not read these messages / conversation which are not thier own.

It is like

  • a private user1-to-user2 communication but user2 is accessable by 3 normal users. Let’s say like an email conversations with replies to a mailbox, where 3 users have access to.
  • a private user-to-group conversion (is Groups a solution?)

I also thought over to create a channel where as the 3 office managers may see all conversion but every other member only their own communication.
I also found the setting “Collapsed Reply Threads”, but i seems it is system wide and not only for one channel, isn’t it?

I will appreciate every answer
Thanks in advance

Hi Cornel, welcome to the Mattermost forums and sorry for the late reply!

This is not possible with the product itself, but you could write a bot to help you out here and people communicate with the bot only, so instead of writing a message to “userX”, you write a message to “botX” and this account is backed by a small script that receives messages on behalf of the bot and redistributes them to other people (userX and userY), f.ex.

There’s no way to hook a bot into a 1:1 conversation between two users and there’s also no way to set up thread-level permissions within a channel. All channel members can always see all threads appearing in this channel.

Can you maybe explain your usecase in more detail? Maybe I can come up with a better solution.