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Hello! We use the mattermost free version, which we set up on our own, but now we need one feature, namely hidden messages. That is, if there is a channel with a certain group of people, one of which is the administrator, it is not necessary for the administrator to see all messages, and when user A sends a message to a specific user B, this message was seen only by him, others should not see. Please tell me how this can be done? Maybe this feature is in the paid version of the enterprise, then we would buy it)

This can be done by private messaging (direct messaging) a individual user. The conversations are between just two people, or a group of individuals if you were to so desire. If you want to initiate a direct message with a individual, right click on their profile and click message, and then you will be in a private message with the individual. I hope that helps!

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Hi, @bossauto

To piggyback on @XxLilBoPeepsxX explanation, here is the documentation that you can refer to if you want to test the functionality of the direct message / group message:

Let us know how it goes on your end.

I understand that this problem can be solved through individual messages, but the essence of the task is to have a chat with 10 people, one of whom is an administrator, and if one of them addresses a message to someone, other people have not seen this message , and only the recipient, recipient, and admin need to see it

I believe what we both are trying to explain to you is that you can have private group messages as well, not just private messages between two people.

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