Playbooks not Visible


Unfortunately, the playbooks are not displayed in my self-hosted mattermost (Version 6.4.1).
I already tried to remove and reinstall the plugin.
The Server Log shows the following error:

{"timestamp":"2022-03-04 09:04:10.595 +01:00","level":"error","msg":"Access to route for non-existent plugin","caller":"app/plugin_requests.go:37","missing_plugin_id":"com.mattermost.apps","url":"/plugins/com.mattermost.apps/api/v1/bindings?user_id=pzpnx81j4jgubyu7q4szucuh7e&channel_id=u19sbydcp7domg31m55yrwkk8a&team_id=pqzjxxrwa7rg7dw3dhzqt19i5w&user_agent=webapp","error":"plugin not found: com.mattermost.apps"}

Steps to reproduce
Not sure how to reproduce

Expected behavior
Usable Playbooks

Observed behavior
Playbooks not showing in the menu

Any Ideas how to fix that issue?

Some options are:

Someone on our Playbooks team will likely be able to help.