Plugin management

Hello together,
I am relatively new here at Mattermost and have my self-hosted version in use.

Now I would like to install more apps under “Plugin Management”, but now I read under “Installed Plugins” that:

APPS & Playbooks are currently not working, here is the error message:

This plugin failed to start. failed to ensure bot account: failed to set profile image: SetProfileImage: Couldn’t upload profile image.,

What can I do? What is the reason for this?

Hi ZXRobotum,

this sounds like a permission problem - can you verify that you changed the file ownership of your deployed files to the mattermost application user? Not sure about your deployment method, but if you chose the binary deployment and followed the official instructions, you should have a directory called /opt/mattermost and there should be a useraccount called mattermost and all files below this folder should be owned by that user.
You can ensure that by running the command chown -R mattermost: /opt/mattermost again.