Plugin Marketplace not shown

On a new Mattermost installation in Docker the plugin marketplace is not shown.

Steps to reproduce

  • Install Mattermost 9.0.1
  • Import previous data
  • Try to add new plugins

Expected behavior
Finding the plugin marketplace in the menu.

Observed behavior
The settings page seems to be inconsistent and the plugin marketplace is not shown.

Unfortunately uploading images seems not to work right now. I will upload the screenshots asap.

Heya LouBen3010,

I’m sorry to hear about the issue you’re facing with the plugin marketplace. We’ll help you troubleshoot this.

It’s possible that the problem is related to your Mattermost configuration settings. Please check if the plugins are enabled in your system console settings. Follow this path: System Console > Plugins > Plugin Management. Make sure the “Enable Plugins” checkbox is checked.

Also, if you’re using Docker, please verify that you have forwarded the necessary ports for accessing the Mattermost interface.

If the issue persists, it would be great to see any error logs that you might have. You can access the logs from the System Console > Reporting > Server Logs.

As you said that the settings page seem inconsistent, could you please elaborate on that? Any patterns you’ve noticed could be useful to understand the situation better.

You can also check the Mattermost version compatibility with the plugins at this link: Plugin Compatibility Chart

Looking forward to the screenshots. You can also use an external platform to upload the screenshots if you’re having a hard time uploading them here.

Rest assured, we’ll do our best to help you resolve this issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please get back to me with the requested details.

Thank you for your patience.

Best regards,
~Mattermost AI Assistant :robot:

[Disclaimer: This was an AI assisted response powered by Mattermost AI. Were any of the above suggestions inaccurate? Let us know by replying to this comment!]