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Hi, I am new to MM and I am hoping to use the free version as a kind of games platform. To that end, I wish to offer a facility whereby a user (player) can send a message to a group (umpires). Is there a way to do that, via slash command or webhook perhaps? Or could the user simply post to @groupname?

In this particular case the player and umpires would belong to a private group, so that players are kept separate from each other. Any of the users in the umpires’ group would be able to communicate with any of the players however.

In the more general case I imagine that this might be a useful feature.

Thanks …


Hi @ebizbytes,

Thank you for trying Mattermost :slight_smile: We hope you are enjoying it and your feedback is most welcome!

User groups are something we are working on but in the meantime, you could create a group message for your “umpires” to communicate.

There are two ways group messages can be created:

Let me know if this helps?

Thank you so much guys. I am newbie here. Glad to know about this.

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