Send message like an email cc

My python system uses email to send messages. Many of the users have mattermost. I’d like to send a message to a list of users, like a ‘cc’ field in email.

emails = [‘’, ‘’, ‘’]
mattermost_names = [‘joe’, ‘bill’, ‘sue’]
message = ‘good morning’, message)

Can I do this?

Hello, @wharrington1

May I know if you would consider the usage of Group Messages to selected users only?

Direct Messages are for conversations between two people. Group Messages are Direct Messages that have conversations among three or more people. Both are visible only to the people involved.

Use a Direct Message when you want a private conversation with one person. Use a Group Message when you want to set up a conversation with up to seven other participants. If you want to communicate with more than seven people, you must create a Private Channel.

I don’t think there is any feature available by default that behaves like an email CC in Mattermost, so this is something that I can think of that can cater to your requirement. Let me know if that works.

Thank you for your response.
100 people have subscribed to receive updates when a document changes.
Some people want email and some want mattermost updates.
I loop thru the emails and create a channel for each person that wants
a mattermost update.
The loop is like an email cc.