Pounce feature?

I’d like to have the ability to tag a user so that I’m alerted when they come online … so I can ‘pounce’ on them. :slight_smile:

Hi David and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Right now, such a feature is not available, but it’s actually very easy to script something like that, because you can get the online status of a user using the API and if you have that running as a cronjob regularly, it could notify you (also via Mattermost using a webhook or a direct message from a bot account) that this user now is online.

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I’m just a user of the mattermost server … I have no authority run scripts, setup cron jobs, or use webhooks.

That’s why I would like the capability in the desktop app.


There’s a separate productboard for feature suggestions, please post this request there:


Unfortunately, feature requests are not being monitored by the staff here (at least that’s my assumption based on the few months I’m online here).

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I’ve logged a request.