Missing a few slack features

I love MatterMost and I’m super excited at the growth and the release of the new mobile client. I’ve got a team on slack of over 300 active users with over 50 active channels. I’m hoping I can get a few answers before I make the migration and there’s a few minor features I’m curious to see if there are any roadmaps for.

The first and probably most important is changing the Global Settings for channel notifications. The default notifications for channel on the mobile push is set to mentions only, is there a code snippet I could edit to change the global default to “All activity”. I realize this probably isn’t optimal for most team’s. But our user base is mostly made up of non tech users and trying to explain to them how to change notifications on a channel level is difficult. Our team structure is also set up so people who are in specific teams generally need to read every message for the channels that they are in.

Second I noticed that there is not a /invite or /kick command like Slack has. Is it possible to add simple custom commands like this. We function mostly using mobile apps so this would be a lifesaver.

My final question which is really the most superficial and least important. Is it possible to change icons via the mobile app?

Hi @DBAnchor,

  1. There’s no way for a System Admin to edit the global notification default right now. Would you be able to open a feature request for that? We are also have a ticket to add the ability to set notification preferences via the bulk importer, so once that is shipped you could use that as a work around.

  2. Two parts to this one:

    • Adding the Slash commands: We have a for [/kick], I’ve asked the team to make one for /invite as well. If someone from the community wants to help build them that would be great!
    • Supporting slash commands on new mobile apps: Created a ticket to track, this is planned but will likely be a few months
  3. By icons you mean people’s avatars/profile pictures?