Mattermost Notification Drawer

Mattermost offers a fantastic way to organize all of your teams and channels, but the notification system leaves much to be desired when you’re involved in a lot of chats in the system. It also seems that we can’t really rely entirely on OS notification systems either to stay organized and up-to-date on inbound messages.

It would be extremely helpful to have a drawer or dock that can be pinned on the side that would show notifications in the system so that one can visually find mentions and general chat in your rooms if you want to be notified.

For example, you could pin it on the upper far right and it could slide out from the right. It would have the oldest notifications on the top and the newest on the bottom. When a user would click on a notification it would take them immediately to the chat of interest and then the notification item on the stack or list would then go away since you’ve achieved focus on the event / chat.

This could make very quick work of finding replying quickly to your colleagues vs allowing things to go unnoticed as one can be currently prone to do.

If anyone is interested in this and would like some mockups and such. Please let me know. We may also be willing to implement this ourselves. I’d just like to start off with some thoughts here first before digging in.