Is it possible to keep Notifications blinking/flashing as skype?

We are testing mattermost as our messaging application but we find that is very easy to miss a message. When you receive a message, there is a notification, but it disappears after a few seconds. If you are not on your desk or you are using more than one screen it is relatively easy to miss such notifications.

Is it possible to keep the notification open or warn the user that it has pending messages without forcing him/her to open the browser window?

I have tried installing the native application, but it has the same problem with notifications.

We are used to skype, that leaves the task icon orange to warn you that you have pending messages.

I have seen this past issue Feature Request: UI - Notification: blink taskbar when new message has arrived #

Not sure if the user found a way to make notifications more visible or what is the plan for this feature

Blinking notifications not an option yet. Please help open a feature idea which can be upvoted and discussed?