[Solved] Desktop client does not notify when new messages arrive

The Mattermost Windows Application does not play a message notification sound and the task bar icon does not blink

Steps to reproduce

  • Windows 10 64bit 22H2
  • Mattermost Version 7.5.1 (DB Schema Version 95)
  • Mattermost Server 5.2.2
  • User settings: “Desktop Notifications” → “Only for mentions and direct messages” is ON
  • User settings: “Desktop Notifications” → “Notification sound” is ON and set to “Bing”
  • Windows sound settings are NOT muted
  • channels are NOT muted
  • User status set to “online” (green check)
    If a user sends me a direct message (or mentions me) the system tray icon shows a red dot indication, but there is no sound notification and no blinking of the task bar icon.

Expected behavior
In the previous versions of the application Mattermost played a sound file and started to blink the task bar icon, so that the user is notified about new messages of interest.
I would like to hear the notification sound and see the blinking task bar indication (again)

Observed behavior
Only the system tray icon gets changed (but it is hidden on my system).

Log file content using DEBUG level

[2023-01-23 09:44:08.578] [debug] Intercom.handleMentionNotification {
title: ‘Direktnachricht’,
body: ‘@: ’,
channel: {
id: ‘’,
create_at: 1674204151799,
update_at: 1674204151799,
delete_at: 0,
team_id: ‘’,
type: ‘D’,
display_name: ‘’,
name: ‘’,
header: ‘’,
purpose: ‘’,
last_post_at: 1674463447179,
extra_update_at: 0,
creator_id: ‘’,
scheme_id: null,
props: null,
group_constrained: null,
shared: false,
policy_id: null,
last_root_post_at: 1674463447179,
teammate_id: ‘’,
status: ‘online’
teamId: ‘’,
url: ‘//channels/’,
silent: false,
data: { soundName: ‘Bing’ }

Has someone an idea what maybe wrong with this setup? Any help is welcome.

Hi Frank and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Can you please show us screenshots of the Notification settings on your server? To do so, login to your server and click on the gears icon in the top right corner, then on notifications:

The flashing taskbar icon can be configured directly in the app settings, to access them, click on the three dots menu in the top left corner, then on file and then on settings and you should see the following app options there:

Thanks for the last reaction!
Here are the requested screen shots. (The later one is in German, but I think it reflects the same settings as the English version)

Thank you!

Hi again, Frank!

No worries with regards to the German screenshots, I can read them :slight_smile:
I tried to reproduce that on my system (desktop client 5.2.2 on Windows), but failed to do so. The taskbar icon is flashing just fine here (also windows 10, 22H2). But I think this is just a consecutive fault of the app not realizing that it got a notification in the first place.
So you’re saying that you can see the red dot in the taskbar and in the “Channels” header of the desktop app increasing when the app is minimized (not closed) and someone sent you a message?

Do you by any chance also have a second server configured in the application? If not, would you mind signing up on the community server and verify if this problem can also be reproduced there? You can hit me up there also so we can test that together, if you like.

Alright, to summarize what we’ve tried:

  • Downgrade to 5.2.1 → No change
  • Upgrade to 5.3.0 nightly build from today → No change
  • New profile (renaming %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Mattermos) → No change
  • Added a second server profile (community server) to the client → Both profiles affected (so local server cannot be the issue)

Sound does not play and taskbar is not flashing upon reception of a new message.

The solution is to check the windows notification center an (re-)enable the switch for Mattermost.